Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why I Fight (Obesity)

I can no longer deny that I need to do something about my weight. At 252 lbs, I am now the fattest I have ever been. Less than a year ago, on the day of my wedding, I was 215 lbs. Three months later, I competed in and completed a sprint triathlon at 225 lbs, thanks to a 10lb weight gain on a Honeymoon Cruise. I actually smoked two cigarettes after finishing the triathlon as well. I quit smoking in October and in the ensuing 7 months, I gained more weight than some pregnancies. As you saw in the Kickoff video, I have the physical appearance of a woman in her 4th trimester. I quit drinking in Early February so it can no longer be called a beer belly. It's mostly laziness and eating my feelings.

Since weighing in earlier this week I have exercised exactly 0 times. I have eaten fast food once a day, and I have still lost about 5lbs. Mostly thanks to a 3-day vomit/diarrheal festival hosted in my home. The purging has stopped, thankfully, but we'll see if I can build off the unfortunate weight loss or not. I've recently started taking Lexapro, so I'm hoping I don't draw the 'disproportionate weight gain- side effect card'.

I wish I could say that the Lexapro was "to keep me from killing all y'all", but in reality Daddy is just a worrier. As my work schedule eases up, I should have more time to go to the gym, and I believe the Lyonhart has some especially "interesting" workouts lined up for us on our road to Fighting Shape. Perhaps for my next entry, I'll blow the dust off the perfect-pushup handles in my basement.

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  1. Check out some seriously doable eating styles. I switched to Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson and I kicked from 280 Just before January to 227 as of this morning.
    It hasn't been difficult, I didn't even exercise for the first 3 months. I don't count calories, I'm not starving even if I end up skipping breakfast and lunch, I sleep like a champ, wake up early for no reason, and have enough spare energy to want to do some sort of walk/sprint/weight training.
    Check out Mark's Blog it's got some quick read PDF's, some great blog entries and it may just change your life!