Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It's the Beginning of the Journey! In just six short months on November 16th, we'll either be in our weight classes or very very far out of them, all we know at this point is we are starting off bad... or are we? This weigh in on last night's WayTooHip Radio show (www.waytoohip.com) was to show our starting point's however my weigh in didn't go as planned.
As you can see I'm going to need a better scale, I've ordered off ebay that claims to measure accurately up to 396 pounds, so hopefully that is more than enough, cause if that thing errors on me I'm going to toss myself down the widest elevator shaft I can find.

Anyway guys check back and subscribe! We'll be posting humorous, inspiring and most likely embarassing stories, pics and videos as we progress in our journey to make weight! We have not yet begun to fight! Literally...

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