Monday, July 4, 2011

Bad Knees and Fatness, two great tastes that taste great together!

I'm no athlete, I've never been. I'm strong, and I can put some power down when i need to, but I'm not a sports guy. I learned this as a child many times over. I got hit the face with a baseball playing right field, I would consistently run the wrong way playing soccer, and then while playing volleyball in gym class in seventh grade, I jumped, came down all sorts of weird, and blew out my knee.

I remember at the time no one believed me. I howled in pain and people around me were like "come on, man, get up!" as if they couldn't understand how anyone could get seriously hurt jumping up and down, but I did. After I spent some time in the nurses office trying to convince her I was actually injured and not just fucking around, she called my mother and we went to the doctor. The total damage was a torn MCL, and Torn meniscus. The MCL isn't all that big a deal, It's a ligament that runs down the outside of the knee, to keep it from slipping, with it torn basically I need to wear a brace when I'm doing lateral movement. It's the meniscus that's a bitch.

See that is the meniscus right there, that layer of cartilage between the top and bottom of the knee. Highlighted are the two sorts of tears you can get in the meniscus. Lucky me, I got both in various places. The bucket tears are however not that big a deal, they weaken the meniscus a little and can lead to arthritis, but the flap tears are the ones that suck hard. They are the reason I'm writing this post, and the excuse I'm going to use for not having lost any weight since my last weigh in.

See when a flap tear gets inflamed, like mine did a couple weeks back, it starts to move around in the joint, and gets caught in the joint as it opens and closes. That hurts... a lot... So over the last couple weeks I've been playing Russian roulette when i stand up with whether or not the meniscus flap would get jammed in my knee joint and walking would either be normal, or a painful disaster. There is no real way to stop it when it gets like this other than to move your knee around a lot and try and get it out of there.

So yeah, I'm still at 340, as of two days ago when I went to the doctor, and she gave me some anti-inflammatory for my knee. It feels good now, and this week I'll be getting back at it, so look for more posts to come. Hopefully this story makes you feel better about yourself if you have fully functional knees.

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